The Mindful Baby Sleep Solution Christmas Special - 3 key modules to access any time

If you're feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, frustrated or confused by crappy sleep and conflicting advice then I see you! Struggling with your little one's sleep and really would love expert help but on a tight budget right now? This is for you.

Your sneak peak includes modules 2, 3 and 4 - Sleep Foundations, Self Settling and Night Weaning. These modules are designed for parents with 4-24 month olds (self settling from 5 months), who are seeking a clear path to better sleep, that does not use traditional sleep training including leaving baby to cry. You can access these modules any time and for as long as you need. 


9 Modules

Pressure Point Cheat Sheets

Here I cover 22 FAQs including nap transitions; the dummy; separation anxiety; parent preference; tight terrors; false starts; early rise and a whole tonne more, all in easy to digest PDF cheat sheets. 

What to Expect by Age

In these cheat sheets I've described what you might expect to be happening sleep wise depending on the age of your child. Including, problems that might arise and how to mange them. Don't worry if your child seems to be ahead or behind; every child is different.

Mini Videos

In these informal videos I pick apart key issues that most of you will come across so that you can quickly work out what you need to do. If you're still stuck or confused just tag me in a question in the Facebook community or join me on a coaching call.

Module 1 - New Beginnings

Let's start at the beginning - it's always the best place to start if you want to come up with a plan that will actually be successful. So here we dig into mindset; focus and goal setting to really get your sleep journey off on the right foot. 

Module 2 - Sleep Foundations

Before starting any work on bedtime self settling we want to make sure all of the sleep foundations are in place and that we are using sleep science to make this whole sleep journey much easier for you and your little one. 

Module 3 - Self Settling

Ok, it's the big 1! I'm going to take you through step by step. Just remember, we're only working on bedtime self settling to start with, keep naps as they are until night sleep is better. 

Module 4 - Night Weaning

If you're ready to explore night weaning then here's my gentle step by step approach that will enable you to create a really clear plan of action for your individual child. 

Module 5 - The Future

Sleep can go a little or a lot off track at times and it's frustrating but normal. Here I highlight some things to watch out for as your child goes through the next stages of development. 

Modules for this programme 9

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