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The Mindful Baby Sleep Solution

Welcome to the Mindful Baby Sleep Solution. Transforming your little one's sleep gently and responsively, with support for you every step of the way. Rx

The Mindful Baby Sleep Solution Christmas Special - 3 key modules to access any time

Sneak peak into the Mindful Baby Sleep Solution

I've unlocked 3 key modules for you:

  1. SLEEP FOUNDATIONS - all the puzzle pieces that facilitate better sleep: naps, schedules, sleep environment, nutrition etc. It's important to address these first so that the next steps are as gentle and easy as possible.
  2. SELF SETTLING - my 'Soothing Mountain' approach will take you all the way through my 5 steps to enabling your child to confidently and happily fall asleep independently, without leaving them to cry. This in itself is likely to dramatically reduce those night wakes!
  3. NIGHT WEANING - when bedtime is going well, if those night wakes are still refusing to budge then some night weaning is most likely your next step. In this module I talk you through my gentle step by step night weaning process and how to adapt it to your unique child. 

These modules are available for you to access any time, for as long as needed. Please note, these are stand alone modules and do not include follow up support that comes with the full membership. If you like the look of the full programme and would prefer to have the ongoing support that full access provides, choose the unlimited version or book a chat with me to discuss further. https://calendly.com/sleeptightbaby/mbss-discovery-call 


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