The Mindful Baby Sleep Solution

Combining my 9 years of experience as a holistic sleep coach, plus extensive research speaking to parents just like you, I have created this unique membership; The Mindful Baby Sleep Solution for parents who are anxious to improve sleep with love and care.

Are you feeling

  • exhausted or stuck with broken or inconsistent sleep?
  • anxious or unsure about where to start or what to do next?
  • like your child just doesn't fit the mould when it comes to sleep training?

Parents I speak to feel overwhelmed by the rabbit hole that is Google and so trapped in a pattern of overthinking and just wanting to do the best for their child - it becomes almost paralysing. I know I felt like this too with my first born, way back before I became a sleep coach. 

I have carefully created this programme with these specific goals in mind:

  • Immediately feeling reassured and a huge sense of relief by understanding why your little one is struggling with sleep (hint - it's most definitely not your fault!); knowing what's normal for your child (your individual child...not a child a bit like yours); and creating sleep goals that feel right for your family. 
  • Gently and confidently working step by step through your sleep plan and trusting and believing that it is right for your child. I know that it's incredibly important that my membership programme isn't a one size fits all style course - there's plenty of these out there and for most parents they just don't cut it. Through my expert videos and my ongoing support, I'll enable you to understand exactly how to make changes and tweaks so that you are truly responding to your child's needs just as I do during 1:1 support. 
  • Never ever needing to Google your child's sleep struggles again! No more feeling confused, overwhelmed or second guessing yourself in the middle of the night. Whatever hurdle, hump or bump you face during your sleep journey, even months down the line, you can guarantee I've got it covered in an easy to watch mini video or a quick to digest cheat sheet. I have literally created a library of 'Pressure Points' from nap fails to long night wakes; starting nursery to parent preference; standing in the cot to early rise; too many tears to bedtime name it, I'm super confident it will be there. And if it's not - let me know and I'll get it created and added for you!

And why this particular programme is so special?

You've heard of the saying 'it takes a village to raise a family'? Well, with The Mindful Baby Sleep Solution I know that you will feel that sense of support and belonging. As an essential part of the programme, I have created a Facebook community so you never have to feel alone in your sleep struggles. There are 1000s of parents feeling just as you do - exhausted, anxious, overwhelmed and frustrated. 

And the winning formula??

If you're feeling the overwhelm of the mental load; the difficulties of navigating life with your partner whilst under the strain of sleep deprivation; the guilt of not quite being the present parent that you imagined or the efficient home maker or employee that you used to be then I assure you, you are not alone! I can transform all of this for you just as I have done hundreds of times before. Within the membership I'll be there every step of the way to guide you personally through your sleep journey. 

I'll be answering your questions in the Facebook community AND hosting twice weekly group coaching calls where you get to speak to me 1:1 so we can deep dive into any specific struggles you're having and lift you up just when you need it most. 

PLUS - BRAND NEW: I am now including a 30 minute Quick Start Bonus Call with me as part of the membership! We'll check where you're at; explore your unique situation and get those first steps completely clear so you can hit the ground running with absolute confidence and clarity.

Want to double check this is the answer to your prayers? No worries - just book in a call with me and we can chat. No pressure - I only want to help, and if it's not right for you I'll be the first to acknowledge that. Here's my calendar link x

9 Modules

Pressure Point Cheat Sheets

All those frequently asked questions and sticking points covered in easy to digest cheat sheets. 

What to Expect by Age

In these cheat sheets I've described what you might expect to be happening sleep wise depending on the age of your child. Including, problems that might arise and how to mange them. Don't worry if your child seems to be ahead or behind; every child is different.

Mini Videos

In these informal videos I pick apart key issues that most of you will come across so that you can quickly work out what you need to do. If you're still stuck or confused just tag me in a question in the Facebook community or join me on a coaching call.

Module 1 - New Beginnings

Let's start at the beginning - it's always the best place to start if you want to come up with a plan that will actually be successful. So here we dig into mindset; focus and goal setting to really get your sleep journey off on the right foot. 

Module 2 - Sleep Foundations

Before starting any work on bedtime self settling we want to make sure all of the sleep foundations are in place and that we are using sleep science to make this whole sleep journey much easier for you and your little one. 

Module 3 - Self Settling

Ok, it's the big 1! I'm going to take you through step by step. Just remember, we're only working on bedtime self settling to start with, keep naps as they are until night sleep is better. 

Module 4 - Night Weaning

If you're ready to explore night weaning then here's my gentle step by step approach that will enable you to create a really clear plan of action for your individual child. 

Module 5 - The Future

Sleep can go a little or a lot off track at times and it's frustrating but normal. Here I highlight some things to watch out for as your child goes through the next stages of development. 

Modules for this programme 9

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